The Boardroom helps Executives to drive their own career. Fully tailor made, concrete, pragmatic. Just Executive.

Career advisory for top executives



Executive to executive

You may like to have coaches, sparring partners and advisors who know the challenges and work of Executive Managers from their own experience. Therefore, we staff your project and support team with people with an Executive background. You will work people who know how to deal with Executive career challenges.

Administrative support

In your career transition project you want to focus on your strategy, your positioning, your networking activities and your meetings and conversations you will have with key people in the market. Therefore, we offer you administrative resources who help you with your CV, your linkedin profile, the meeting coordination, the preparation of presentations and other administrative work.

Network and door opening

You have your own professional network, which you can use in your career transition project. You may want to extend your network and get access to other Executives. Therefore, we help you to connect with target contacts. Other Executives can help you to open doors and to get relevant information for your networking activities. You will be part of GEC, the Global Executive Community of the Career Star Group.

International scope

Executive careers often have an international scope. Either you are open for international mobility or your target companies have an international Corporate identity. The international network is key to get the relevant information to be best prepared for conversations and meetings. Therefore, we connect you not only with Executives in Switzerland but also with our international partners and contacts of the Career Star Group. What ever country or company you want to focus, we can provide you advisors and other Executives to help you with information, advise and contacts via our GEC, the Global Executive Community of the Career Star Group.

Board mandates

Many Executives are starting with their first board mandates early in their career. If you want to look for additional board mandates, or you want to prepare your board career for a later stage, we can help you with your board positioning and in the strategy how to approach the board market. With us, you can work on this within your career transition programme.

Thought leadership

Leadership skills are a key success factor for an Executive. The impact of your leadership is essential for the success in both your career transition project and your next Executive role. The requirements of leadership are continuously changing. Thought and agile leadership are a must in nowadays business environment. Therefore, we provide you insights into the new styles of leadership and we work with you on approaches how to develop and position your own leadership.


Außergewöhnliche Karriereoptionen

Executive Career Transition

You are looking for your next Executive position. We help you to find your right positioning, to prepare an effective communication strategy, to approach your network effectively, to train and prepare yourself for upcoming meetings and negotiate your next contract.

Executive Career Advisory

You want to boost your Executive career and look for effective approaches how to develop yourself within your company. We help you to find the right approach how to improve your impact, your positioning, your internal network and your leadership

Netzwerke knüpfen

Executive Coaching

You either want to solve some concrete leadership issue or to be more effective in your leadership and in your current role in general. Our Executive coaches help you to effectively solve leadership challenges and to prepare you for your Executive future.

What you can benefit from

Working with The Boardroom you have full access to many resources which you can use for your career project. While you are the main driver of your project, you are supported by an entire project team.

Furthermore, you can use several additional resources:

  • Advisory team (on demand services for any subject matters)
  • Headhunter (Market reality check)
  • Executive trainings and events
  • Global Executive Community (Career Star Group)
  • Access to meeting facilities and administrative support
  • Access to the vR community



Our approach is highly flexible. We can fully your journey. We offcustomiseer a large toolbox and a variety of experts and resources, which are available for you. You may have your own priorities and preferences. Together with your Executive coach you will find the best individual way to manage your career project successfully.


We build an individual high impact team for you. The Executive coach is your main partner along the journey. Furthermore, you have an effective team of advisors, trainers, market consultants, and a headhuntersupporting you with your project.


Your sparring partners and project team know the Executive environment and market from their own experience. They understand your situation and can contribute effectively to help you achieving your career targets.


The Global Executive Community (GEC) is an initiative of the Career Star Group. Only Executive clients of our global partners in more than 100 countries across the globe are joining the GEC. There are frequent GEC sessions scheduled. There are some virtual learning events with many networking opportunities. The topics of the events and sessions are focused on the most relevant Executive challenges.