Your partners on the road to success

In The Boardroom, exclusive advisers with experience at the executive level will provide one-on-one guidance to ensure your success. We’ll sit down with you and put together an effective team that will help you every step of the way. And expertise is not the only important factor. Personal chemistry is just as important. Your team will consist of six advisers, each with a special role.


The sponsor of your career project is responsible for assuring the quality of the Boardroom’s resources and will check regularly to ensure that you are on track towards your goal.


Your coach is an expert on executive careers. He or she will be your main adviser and primary contact from start to finish.


An external headhunter will make sure that you are well positioned and will discuss with you various market strategies. Following this reality check, steps will be taken to optimise your approach and fine-tune your communication.


The network consultant will help you build and expand your network in a systematic and targeted manner. The purpose is to gain access to relevant decision-makers and to open doors.


Executive mentors have a number of von Rundstedt mandates and are generally no longer involved in business operations. They have excellent connections at von Rundstedt and in the executive world. The executive mentor will provide you with support in networking and establish contacts where possible.


An assistant will be available to you to handle administrative tasks. We think it is important for you to focus on your main concerns without having to deal with administrative matters.



The Boardroom

on 22 pages

Take control of your own career. To find out more, read The Boardroom online, download it or order your personal high-gloss printed copy.